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Problem message

I have had this message below on my forum for over a month now, I do not understand it, I wasn't told told about it, it says it would disappear in a day or two but as I said it has been there for over a month, can it be removed please.

This forum address has been redirected temporarily, for now it includes [hotblack] this may be due to the forum upgrading to phbb3 or the forum being moved to our newer server. You do not need to take any action, your forum address will revert back to normal in a day or two. In the mean time please do not bookmark or publish the temporary link.
myff admin

I see no such message, what link are you actually using? if you use the link that has the message you will get the message!

Hi Admin well it seems that the message has gone, I just clicked on the link I left in the original message, sorry I haven't replied sooner but things have been hectic in RL, anyway thanks for your reply

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