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Problem accessing my website. DNS related?

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Hi, lately I been receiving emails from google (bot) warning me about google bot geting errors on my website related to the DNS. At first I thought, ok this is a spam. Still I double checked on my site if it was working correctly, and as I thought everything was fine.

Until today, when I went to have a look on my site, I get redirected to which isnt normal.

I've look if something changed in my domain services, and no its still the same provided by MYFF Iowa Online (zaphod) Europe Online (trillian) Iowa Online (slarti)     Iowa        Online (ford)

From there I dont what to do. please can you help?
myff admin

There is a DNS address issue with your site that I have now fixed.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thank you sir! Always fast.

I still get redirected to the search engine page when trying to access my website, I guess it will take some time before the change you made gets applied?
myff admin

looking into this more./
myff admin

This is looking to be an issue at the registars, your nameservers appear to be:

and not:

the old name servers were retired years ago.

Thats what I got..

But until yesterday everything worked fine... Anyway how do I change the registars?
myff admin

a whois on confirms nameserver as on

this has to be sorted at the registars

Ok I think I know where to change this but I got a different problem now...

I imagine I change the registar from there >>

The problem is I forgot my password, yes there's a lost password option but the email address linked with my account is a email address managed on my domain.
So if I click losy password and ask to have my password reset, I cant do nothing because I'm not receiving the email because my domain is down.

Now what can I do?
myff admin

I will see if I can get and live
myff admin

I have had to put a support query into dotster as updates are not working.

as and when that gets sorted you should be live to make your own changes.

thanks! I'll keep you updated when it works

Ok, everything seems to be back in order, unless you tell me otherwise...

Thank you very much for your help and patience.
myff admin

At the moment I'm thinking  you may be getting lucky unless you have changed to the right nameservers. Thus far I have not had a response from dotster about the "rescue" namesevers.

You do need to get the right nameservers in urgently

I just did... well I think so  

I double checked everything.... and did the name servers change once more just to be sure.
It said its gona take 24 hours for the update.

Fingers crossed!

By the looks of it, everything is back in order.

Thanks again for the help Forum Index -> PhpBB2 General Support
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