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Private message taking up to 5 mins to load

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I have been informed by over a dozen people that it is taking up to 5 mins for the private messages inbox to load. if they set up a different account they have no trouble at all, so I was thinking it cannot be to do with there pc.  They are having no issues with the forum loading just to the PM function and opening PM's
myff admin

I have not heard of this issue.

The only way I could think of analysing it ,would be for someone with the problem to allow me access to test.
myff admin

at the very least some idea of the numbers in the inbox.
perhaps there are an awful lot and deleting would help.
I doubt pms are massively optimised.

I have the login details of one of the accounts if you would like to test it, they have 18 pm's currently in there inbox and it just took around a minute to load for me.
myff admin

can you PM me details.
myff admin

I have solved this on your forum.

I'd call it a phpbb3 bug, you are using the friend list system which work via a complicated database join and one of the fields it joins on session_user_id has no database index.

With an index things work pretty much instantly

thanks for solving the issue quickly.  Forum Index -> PhpBB3 General Support
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