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Is there a Macro which will display the number of unread Private Messages a user has? Currently, I use the Macro {PRIVATE_MESSAGE_NEW_FLAG} which is good as it only displays a number, so I can add my own "You currently have ... unread PM's" bit in.

However, it only shows the number of new PMs, not unread PMs, so whenever the page is refreshed or the user visits another page, it resets to 0. I tried using {PRIVATE_MESSAGE_INFO} but that shows the whole message not just the number.

So is there any macro I can use, or can I create one to do this job?

Thanks, Jack
myff admin;highlight=private+message+macros

Is all there is.



So there's no way to even create such a Macro, or edit the {PRIVATE_MESSAGE_UNREAD_FLAG} to display what I desire?
myff admin

The system does not actually store an unread count, which is a bit odd, but that is the way phpbb2 is, and there is no sense in adding load to work it out to every single page load on every single forum just to give a few forums this feature.

That's perfectly reasonable. Never mind, thanks anyway.

I'm thinking of using the {PRIVATE_MESSAGE_INFO_UNREAD} macro along with some JS to create what I want. Forum Index -> Portal components
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