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posting order

DBZ Universe

Hello again, I'm making this thing frequent hehe.

I was just wondering, how do I set my options or the forum options so the last post written is the first post when entering the topic?

To know how to do it for the whole forum would be preffered, but if not then can you tell me how to do it for my user?


This has been asked for and rejected by Admin.

Ah, alrighty

May I ask why, though?

That wouldn't make sense to me, all forums i've used have had the same system as MYFF, that would also mean all members wanting to view the most recent reply would have to scroll to that reply even if the jump to last reply was still their it wouldn't make sense, sorry just don't think it would ever work.

I do know I went on a (non-MFF) forum where the latest post was at the top, and boy was it confusing!!!

In the end I simply stopped using the forum, nothing wrong with it, good bunch of folks on there and all that, but the bloomin thing was so hard to follow!

Bad move imo

I understand it when it's discussion forums, but mine is a collaborative fiction one, where it would be more useful to see the newest post first, but never mind... the world ain't going to end haha. Forum Index -> Running your community
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