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Posting links

I was just wondering if it made a difference for people searching for things on google if people posted links on my site in these different ways.

DJ Alfredo Pacha Ibiza 1992

style 1 - Alfredo Pacha Ibiza 92 a.mp3

style 2 -- [url] Alfredo Pacha Ibiza 92 a.mp3[/url]

style 3 -

would it make any difference at all if people used style 1 or 2 with the names in the link or can they just use the smaller version with style 3.

myff admin

not really. Links into your site are the things that make a difference.

A link exchange on a site like this is rather simple.  On my site I add a link to your site, and on your site you add a link to my site.

This allows to increase search rankings, as well as increasing the amount of people that see the site.  If members from my site like the sounds of yours - they will visit, and if members of your site like the sound of mine then they will visit mine. Forum Index -> Search Engines
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