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myff admin

post/zip code test

I'm curious as to how good this is. If useful it may mean we can put up an advert for say a coupon to your local Pizza Hut, e.g. it might make advertising for meaningful.
So please vote and comment.

Mine was nowhere near

Bravo wrote:
Mine was nowhere near

blame your isp.

mine was 8 miles away from where I am, so useful

Mine had me down as Preston, which is 135 miles from where I live  
myff admin

I have to say nothing I have heard about the tech makes me think that it would be any more accurate than people are reporting, the results in this poll are a lot better than a poll on another forum.

About 700km from where I live, I guess it's useless for me.
uncle aj

Mine was 400 Km away from my computer.  

I'm in the Thames Valley but it put me in SE17 Elephant and Castle  

Yep pretty accurate for me has me in the place i live and the postal code is pretty much bang on.

It showed my address to be in Buckinghamshire which is 214 miles away. Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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