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Danny M

Post Exchange

Anyone Want To Do A Post Exchange

Were We Post Like 5, 10 Or More On Each Others Forum

Any Amount You Want


I will,

ill start posting now
Danny M

Ok Then, But You've Not Yet

sorry i had to go but mi here now and im starting.
with 10 posts right?
Danny M

How Many You Want, But I Have Made 14 On Yours

i made from 96-100 so far, but from the time i said if you wanted to post exahgne i only made around 12-15

so i say we are even already?

or you want more posts?
Danny M

We Have Both Made 14 Posts

I Checked

And I Will Do More If You Want, Up To You

20 or so sounds good ?

say how ever many you want and im up for it
Danny M

Yep Ok Then Forum Index -> Link Exchange
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