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Post Exchange with Club Room

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I just started this forum not to long ago, and i feel comfident about it so im gonna advertise it.

Its a forum for people to just chill and talk about certain topics.

We currently have 7 boards to post in, i am only gonna have 7 for awhile because i want the forum to grow first.

here are the things i have added, from the help of symon's howtodoit site,that are working and looking great.

-cash mod
-store mod
-a new logo made by me
-birthday table and birthday profile feild
-colored legend featuring admin, mod, advertiser, and v.i.p
-bought inventory with images in user profile
-gender feild
-transfer cash mod

Hope to see you there. thanks

I am wanting to post exchange with any one, but i am wanting to start small at 10 posts each. Forum Index -> Link Exchange
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