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Post editing

Please help. On our forum all members are able to access and edit all posts - http://savethehighlands.myfastfor...=305e573c72aa0b1699af359307801eb7

Permissions are correctly set and do not know what else to try.
Any advice?
Thank you

Can you post up a screenshot of the advanced permissions for one of the boards where this is occuring please
myff admin

Also check usergroups for dodgy membership and permissions.

Editing Post/Hiding Email

Think we have fixed it. Many thanks.

Sorry to ask one more question, how do we conceal members email addressees from bottom of posts?
have checked all user permission and they have each checked No against "Always show my email address."

Appreciate your patience with us neophytes.
myff admin

only admins/mods will see those addresses.

Email Icon

The email icon appears at the bottom of all our post and is active.
How can we conceal it?

Many thanks.
Kenny Everett

Is it possible for mods to see the email address of everybody?
myff admin

mods and admins will see the address if "usermail via board" is disabled.

You can remove the email icon from viewtopic_body.tpl.

Email Icon

Appreciate you response.
When any of our users are logged in and view a post the email icon is displayed and active, despite the poster having chosen not to disply email - our forum is
myff admin

That is not the case, I have just logged in as one of your ordinary users and I do not see email icons.

Email Icon

Odd - will check and see what settings the test user has. May have inadvertently given it moderator permission.

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience. Forum Index -> Running your community
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