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Post comments on webpage articles

I dont know if it would be much work but here's what I would like to create on my site...

I want to create some webpages with articles/videos where members would be abble to post comments about the article with their forum username.

I know we can add a comment box taken from another site or use some html codes but it would be better if the user needed to be registered on the forum to be abble to post on those articles.

It would be great too if the post comment box template would be editable.

And if possible each post would count in each member posts count.

Those articles create more for search engines to look at and bring more traffic = more members on the site.

So you think its possible or is it too much to ask ??
myff admin

the post comment box is editable cms_postcomment.tpl

I think though what you are asking on the web site side is to ambitious for our web pages.

It might be you need your own hosting for that, and to just have the forum as a subdomain of your own domain.

We let people do a lot with web pages, but we cannot do a very sophisticated system on the web page side.

Yeah I know about the post comments tpl on the forum was talking about the webpage post comment template.

Well I want to stay with MYFF since I'll always need your help lol

But Thanks for the fast answer !! Will try to find something else to solve this.

This makes me wonder of something...

I know its a big question but ...

Is it possible to have complete control over my website (domain, subdomain, hosting) within MYFF.

What I mean is i would still be ralated to MYFF but I would like to be abble to...
-1st do the above (post comments on webpages articles)
-host pics/videos etc..  
-be abble to have my own email address (

If its possible how much would it cost ??

Some registrars, like godaddy allow you to buy e-mail packages.  This would let you have the e-mail you want, although you need to pay for the amount you will use (can be a bit costly if you want a lot).  If you want to have unlimited e-mails you really need your own hosting.

And as for basically having full control of your domain... I think it is asking a bit too much.  I've seen people ask for this before and never gotten it.  It can be just too much to run both a full free forum system and manage a completely separate phpbb forum.

I can offer something like that since I do have a server of my own, although I cannot offer anything near what MYFF can so that may not be the best choice.

Thanks alot for the offer and the infos you gave me Zud !!

But I think I found a way with Gmail, I can have email add like with google but I need to be abble to edit my MX record setings on my domain.I been trying to find how to do it in my domain settings but without success.

Admin can you help me with this ?? Thanks

P.S. I know I kinda changed subject inside this thread but I try to follow the conversation.
myff admin

What are your nameservers?


Maybe this can help you too...

Google wrote:
DNS Lookup: MX record

Searching for MX record at []: Got referral to (zone: net.) [took 45 ms]

Searching for MX record at []: Got referral to (zone: [took 47 ms]

Searching for MX record at []: Reports that no MX records exist. [took 120 ms]

No MX records exist for [Neg TTL=86400 seconds]

Details: (an authoritative nameserver for says that there are no MX records for
The E-mail address in charge of the zone is:
myff admin

The best thing to do is to sign on to another DNS service.

There are some free ones out there.

You can continue to use ours, and we can let you modify records, but that service sits uncomfortably with the fact that the forums system itself want to update our DNS with our idea of what the records should be. So if you do it that way it is at your own risk.

If you do want to use ours, you will need to register on :

and tell us the username.

Was already registered but didnt do much. Username is danm97

At my own risk you mean the system will automaticaly change the MX dns without notice and I could have some emails lost in the process ??
myff admin

It certainly would not alter an MX record, that would just be malicious  

but despite code to try and safeguard things, it might wipe your records.

That could mean lost emails.

Basically it is just safer all round that if you want control of a domains records, you isolate it from a system that has its own designs on those record.

Ok I will test it for a week or so and if its not goin as well as it should I will ask you for suggestions, you have my trust

What should I do next with ?? I cant find the way to add as domain in there since its a already created domain.
myff admin

that is because you didn't "own" the domain. You now do.

Thanks for the help !! I think its all set now I just have to wait up to 48 hours for gmail to find my MX dns and then it should be up and running !! thanks again !! Will keep you updated if it worked.

I dont want to be annoying but you think I done it right ??

Click to see full size image

And do I have to map the subdomain ??
myff admin

I'm afraid I have just deleted your MX records, you had two and they were both malformed.

MX records need a subdomain and  a domain ending in "." as the address.

Heres what I got now...

Click to see full size image

About the subdomains name how I know which names to use ??

Sorry all beginners here with this damn thing and I dont use the "normal" way of doin this :s
myff admin

looks better and no emails have appeared my end saying you have got it wrong....

ohh ok cool !! thanks will see if its gona work properly in the next 48 hours !!

Your help is much apreciated !!

Just posting to inform you that everything is working perfectly and I thank you so much !!

I can now have emails with the address ****

You think my new email address could be used for when emails are sent to the users ?? maybe too much to ask for but I try
myff admin

The emails addresses used are in the boards configuration. So up to you.

Did that but new members who register still get emails from insted of the email address I want. Its the same for when you do mass email via the admin board. and again when a member is watching a forum for new replies or topics, the emai is sent from myfunforum.

It's all in the ACP.  There's part for the board e-mail address, that's what you need to change.

I changed it everywhere I can still receiving emails from ...



Forget it I found it !! thanks for the help !!

Needed to change the email bounce portal !! Forum Index -> Web page/template Editing
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