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Possible Hacking / Deleted forums / Admin Panel

Keywords: Ruined Forums Meddled HELP!

I logged in during the night at around 11PM and noticed that the forum has been (not seriously) configured

The forums have been switched around

We have gone from 2700+ articles to 1700

The main forum have been deleted, thus causing our main attraction (reviews) to be removed

I know Admin charges $10 for a restore but the problem is I don't have Paypal

Can anyone help in anyway possible

P.S: It is worth noting that all 3 admins are close friends and have strong passwords, the admin log does not contain signs of cofiguration and a member called Bapinder accused me of hacking his site and said he would tel his friend to hack mine

myff admin

Forums never get "hacked" it is always rogue admins or admins with silly passwords.

Whatever has happened will not be an exception to a rule that has held true for over three years.

Rogue admins = No way / impossible

All three admins are close friends and would never in a millions years bugger up the forum
I talked to them via. im and they are just as upset if not more upset as I am
Both have them have spent hours today trying to make more reviews on money saving sites

Weak Password =  

Again, I have a 18 character password and both admins have assured me their passwords are also strong

Can you however fix it, If not it looks like i'm going to have a long night

I appreciate your support and i'm sorry if I have offended you in my posts


I've sussed it

One admin decided to turn on auto pruning in an atempt to tidy the forum and ended up killing it

Sorry for any offence caused

MYFF rules and is most certainly the safest forum hoster out there
myff admin

Thank you for conceding the point.

There is always an explanation, and those that insist it is "hacking" are those that will continue to have problems.

I do get really peeved when a thread like this tails off without an answer, as it is an implied slur on our security.

It was sonic from your forum if you wreck mine yours will get wrecked in future again.
myff admin

Bapinder wrote:
It was sonic from your forum if you wreck mine yours will get wrecked in future again.

That is totally unacceptable. Apologise or face suspension.

But he wrecked my forum and i think his is fixed now.

sorry grand hope your forum is a success

Why thank you

And i'm sure you get   when threads like these pop-up

I'd just like to apologize again

sorry grand for threathening you. Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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