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My portal is latest articles, description, and the things along the side. I go to portal settings in the board admin. panel, click on a different portal then click "update portal perimeters"
But then my portal is still the same thing. When someone types in the website I want the forum to come up. I keep trying to do the "forum" portal but it isn't working. Any help?

Have you done this:


Yeahp. I typed in FORUM and clicked "update portal perimeters" then i go and type in my site, and it still comes up with latest news.

Re: Portal Problems

StopMIRA wrote:
When someone types in the website I want the forum to come up.

That does bring the forum up

Brings the web page up, and you want this to go straight to the forum, is that right?

myff admin

Then create an index.html page with a meta redirect.

And where do I find out how to do that lol.
Sorry im not too literate with computer terms.
myff admin

Well typing "meta redirect" into google tells you all you need to know about what it is and how it works!

And there is a place in the admin panel where web pages can be created.

Thank you very much!! Forum Index -> Portal components
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