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Portal issues

i am having a few portal issues, so i guess i will list them out:

for some odd reason i am having issues with getting some portals to work or show up in my side nav bar.

also i want to make a portal " That would display a top 5, (Poeple) with my own custom numbers and what the title is.
For ex. i want to make a portal that   has a top 5 list of referrals, for the poeple that have been referred to my forums by specific members, so if i have to do it manually can some one help, or tell me where to go?

i already have the profile field that is manditory for "Referrer" so i know who got referred by who, just need a top 5 list, on my left nav bar, as requested by some of my members.

i have a few other questions, but i'll post them later, Thanks for reading.

Make a new portal from the memberlist one, name is REFERALS

change the post count to 5
change the profile fields to referals (or what ever you have your profile field named)

then will the rest out how you wish.

This is if you are doing this thing manually.

then find the file named cms_referals.tpl then replace every thing with.

<table width="100%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1" border="0" class="forumline">
     <th class="thTop" nowrap="nowrap">{L_USERNAME}</th>
     <th class="thTop" nowrap="nowrap">Referals</th>

   <!-- BEGIN referals -->
     <td class="{referals.ROW_CLASS}" align="center"><span class="gen"><a href="{referals.U_VIEWPROFILE}" class="gen">{referals.USERNAME}</a></span></td>
     <td class="{referals.ROW_CLASS}" align="center" valign="middle"><span class="gen">{referals.referals}</span></td>

   <!-- END referals -->


This makes it so that all the other possbile tables and headers don't display, along with the page number and forms.

Should turn out like

edit what ever you wish.

Make a portal and call it something like referal table.

Then goto the cms_referaltable.tpl

And make a table in there, this will have to be done manually.

If you go here

you can see i,ve dome almost the same for top scorer and mini table.

andrew what you have as the example, is what i want, but i am a little confused on how to make it...
i'll list out what i did and maybe you can tell me where i went wrong:

clicked on memberlist portal, then replaced name with REFERRALS, and the title with Referred, but i want it to be Top Referrers, then i set show title to yes, then post count to 5, then the blank feild says user_posts, then the blank value is 0. then i update it, then it takes me to a second page, says component type blank for the first box, then the 2nd box says title, then y or n for the show title, so i filled that out, updated, and nothing showed  up, then i looked for that file in edit template: cms_referals.tpl, and i couldn't find it, so if you could help me that would be great. I'm sorry, but i am extreamly tired, i only got 3 hours of sleep within the last 38 hours...

whops forgot to mention.

You have to click create new portal.

Not update.

Sorry about that.

what do i enter for the second page?

dravion wrote:
what do i enter for the second page?

By looking at any of these guides will show you how to make your own portals

Nothing, okay heres what it should do.

You enter in the stuff i said at first, check my first post.

Then you click create new portal

then it will take you to a differant page but it should have the fields as you set it, then you goto Edit Templates/Logos

then pick your template then goto the portal files and find cms_referals.tpl, and replace every thing with that code.

i am sorry, i am not getting it. I fill out everything, and goto file, and delete whats in it, and i add the new code, then what? when i do nothing shows up on the forums, am i missing somthing?

did you add the portal into the rest of them?

it looks as if you have it in overall_header.tpl

add a new portal named {MYFF.REFERALS}

thats why it isn't showing up...

well...  make one portal, under member list,             goto that, and call it REFERALS, then i go to edit/  then i delete whats in the folder, and copy your code into it.  ?


i go to portals, make 1 under member list, and call it {MYFF.REFERALS} and goto that file and delete the code, and add you code?

or am i missing somthing all together?

i am sorry, i am just really confused, i need pics or somthing...

1. find memberlist, re-name is REFERALS
2. click on create new portal
3. goto Edit Templates/Logos
4. Find your template
5. goto the portal file named cms_referals.tpl
6. replace every thing in there with the code above.
7. save
8. goto where ever you have your portals, (probably overall_header.tpl), add one named {MYFF.REFERALS}
9. save
10. report back here how it worked.

when i did it, i added the thing at the bottom of header, and it showed up as some glitched thing at the top that said referrals, so idk what i did wrong, also when i get it right, where do i enter the names and number at?

I see no referal portal on your forum, either keep it on there so we know what the problem is or take a screen shot.

I dont quite understand what you mean by glitchy.

I never heard or seen a portal that was "glitchy..."

i'll put it on right now, so you can see, i just didn't want my members freaking out...

lol it doesn't look glitchy now... but how do i add the members to it?

also i'd rather have it in my nav bar, so how do i do that?

Okay to add names, just goto edit users in admin panel and then find the referals field and enter in how many referals they have.

What do you mean have it in the nav bar?

Do you mean have a link in the nav bar that takes you to a seperate page with just that referals portal?

they bar on the left hand side, with some recnt stuff, and top posters in it, i would like it under that, or in that.

goto where you have your portals...

It looks like on your forum its in overall_header.tpl but could be differant.

Either add {MYFF.REFERALS} with the rest of them are replace one of them with it.

ok that worked, but i still cant find where to add the names, i went to user list, and edit and i didn't see feild

Admin Panel >> Users >> User list >> choose the member you wish to edit, lets say you want to add referals to your name, find your username, dravicon, click on edit. Then scroll down and you should see referals.

If you don't you haven't added a referals profile field yet.

Which in that care, goto. the profile fields section, type in referals then fill it out how you wish.

ok thanks, i made it, and do i need to link url to {MYFF.REFERALS}?

cause i did and it didnt show up, also is there anything else i need to fill in?

i am so sorry, but  i am having alot of issues making this LOL

i am trying, its just not doing what i want it to. You are a great help tho,

nope nothing else you need to do.
Just when ever you want to add a referal, goto that user in the admin panel and edit his referals field to the number of referals.
try it once see if it works.

thats what happened i tried it and it didn't work, what do i link it to?

it is just not working

how do you take a screen shot?

tell me these things.

Have you made a profile field named referals?

Post the options you set your profile field to, example: Name: referals, visibility: All, and so on.

Post your code in cms_referals.tpl

Post the options you have for your portal REFERALS such as Name, count, and so on.

Post what you setted for your portal code, which is in overall_header.tpl, like {MYFF.REFERALS}

look on your keyboard, do you see a key named Print Screen, or Prnt Scrn. Or something similar?

Press that then goto a MS paint page and just paste it.

ok now how do i post it?

.......................................................................................................and so on....


Post it on here so i can see what the problem is, those things i just told you, goto your forum and post them on here.

Goto your admin panel >> profile fields >> referals and then post in THIS topic what you have for each thing.

Goto your admin panel >> portal settings >> REFERALS and then post in THIS topic what you have for each thing.

Goto your admin panel >> edit templates/logos >> choose your template then find the portal file named cms_referals.tpl

post in a code tag on THIS topic every thing that is in there.

I think you messed something up because What i told you already should be working.

i just want to double check and see what you added in there and see if there is a error some place.

i went to paint, but i cant get picture on the reply, how do i post it here,

can you do what i asked you? I could probably figure it out much easier if you do the things i said before.

It will be easier to spot the error.

And to get it on the reply. paste it into paint and then save the image then upload it ... (hint hint: click attach file below in the posting panel)




thats it so far

hehe, either im not explaining clearly, or you have no idea how to follow directions.

lol first of all there is now {MYFF.REFERALS} as the title.

the {MYFF.REFERALS} goes in where you add your portals, overall_header.tpl

which you have already done.

delete the {MYFF.REFERALS} profile field as you only need one field.

then goto admin panel >> portal settings >>find your referals portal and then make the name of it REFERALS


then turn the profile field to referals not cms_referals.tpl

well i'll get back to it tomorrow, i did what you said, and it still doesn't work,

Here are the screen shots of what they are suppose to look like

This is the portal settings for REFERALS

this is the profile field for referals


dravion wrote:
well i'll get back to it tomorrow, i did what you said, and it still doesn't work,

no if you did what i said you would have it right.

putting {MYFF.REFERALS} in your profile field settings isn't what i said.

Just replace your portal settings and profile fields with what i have in the pictures above this post.

i got it to work, but look at what happened to my page, the top posters, and announcmenets, and sticky are on there twice

what on earth...

Im not sure whats wrong with it as it doesn't happend on my forum.

There are a few other forums that are having this problem...

you would have to go to admin for this one.

... lol this is fun, wow, i made it in my footer, and now it looks alright, thanks for the help. Forum Index -> Portal components
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