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Popular topics portal on the indexpage

Been doing some work on the indexpage this evening and for some reason, the Popular topics portal section on the right in the first of the above links continues to show topics which are in the private staff section and other areas which are only available to signed in members. I've tried logging out and there aren't any problems regards the privacy of the forum, a guest user will be asked to log in if trying to click the links, but I just wondered why this is happening.

The other portals I'm using on the indexpage, latest and frontpage, are only categorising sections viewable by guests, and I've set the popular portal to do the same, however it is continuing to display topic titles in private areas. As I say, it isn't a huge problem as the topics themselves aren't visible, but I'd prefer if it worked like the other portals for this.


PS I've been through howtodoit and here searching for everything about portals, it's just that this one doesn't seem to work the same way as the others.
myff admin

This is a bug, now fixed.

Thanks, but I'm afraid it's still doing it! At the moment the 4 of the 10 displayed popular topics are in sections that are not viewable by guests, and 1 of them is in a private, hidden area. The threads themselves are not visible which is the main thing though.

Or does it take time for what you fixed to go through? (if so, sorry!)
myff admin

It does take time, there is no point regenerating the popular portal every 5 minutes. It caches for 1 hour.

So fingers crossed!

Ah ok, thanks very much then!

Update (sorry for double post) - it's still listing topics that are in private areas. I think I'll just put something else on the right hand side! I don't have the patience to keep trying to figure it out! Thanks for the help anyway.
myff admin

I have put another fix in.

Ok brilliant, that seems to be working perfectly now! Thanks Admin! Forum Index -> Portal components
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