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Please enlighten my forum has been suspended

my forum (dryayooo.myfreeforum) has been suspended. Please enlighten me as to why.
myff admin

Because it was an online pharmaceutical spam site.

what is the problem to make a pharmaceutical website to share all our experience in pharmacy, and i constructed it about 2 years ago as a pharmaceutical website.
please unsuspend it as it is so important website for all pharmacists that give Pharmacy Board Exams.

if there is any problem that you need me to solve it as an admin for this website tell me about it and i will do.
myff admin

I am listening but please explain a lot more about this site.

When I see the words "online pharmacy" I expect the worst.

i'm a pharmacy teacher and i share all my experience as information as online pharmacy knowledge through my website in your domain. and i always share many new update pharmaceutical topics for students and pharmacists all over the world and also i have a facebook site as extention for my online pharmacy education to all pharmacists in this page to assure of that:

thank you admin for unsuspend :-)
myff admin

My apologies if the suspension was an error.

But you must know just how red flagged the terms are. Forum Index -> Terms and Conditions
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