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Play by Post RPG forum

Play by Post Roleplaying Game: is an online play by post roleplaying game set in the past.

It is current just started and still heavily in development and I am looking for someone who can help out. This person must have some knowledge of roleplaying and moderation and someone who is full of ideas would be much appreciated.

I know it has not got many posts and members but I am in need of help to develop the game. So please don't flame me and just offer some support.


What theme is this (i.e. steampunk, future, fantasy)?

It is fantasy themed.

My attention has been grabbed.

I shall join in an attempt to get this started.

I have sent you a PM (on bb) about my character.

Why thank you  

The forum now has 40 posts and the gameplay ideas have improved.

The forum now has 4 members and 67 posts.

I could help you by putting a link to your forum at the bottom of my forum, if you give me a pic of your forum logo + code to put in the footer.

I have alot of spare time as I can spend 14.5 hours a night on the net while i'm at work ( Wink ) so if you need any help in any way, i'd gladly put my name forward.

Thanks heaps
Um the code:

<a href=>[img][/img]</a>

If you wish I can do the same too

Since I cannot edit a post after 20 minutes, sorry for double posting.

<a href=><img src=></img src> </a>

Actually its 15 minutes.

6 members and 114 posts

Off to a good start. Any one else care to join? Forum Index -> Post your forum
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