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myff admin


I'm sure a few people will have twigged that this has been released. It seems to be mainly a maintenance release with nothing that anyone is in a rush for.

But regardless of what it is we will get it installed an a sensible time period, which means we give things at least a few days for other to get their fingers burnt on it. Previous release have needed patching to work around critical bugs in the release, including on one occasion a security flaw.

We don't want a part of any of that if we can avoid it.

It appears that there are template changes again  
myff admin

What a pain.

Well not that is makes much odds as the upgrade kind of has to happen, but this week and next are very tightly scheduled here. So I was not looking at the upgrade happening for a couple more weeks.

I do think though that this is symptomatic of a poor attitude to the user base by the developers.

It seems there were errors in the stylesheet, but I don't know if that's all that's changed.
myff admin

So that looks like 18 files per template changed  
myff admin

The phpbb3.09 install is now being worked on.
It has had enough time to stabilize, and we can't leave it much longer and maintain a reputation for doing things promptly.
It is the template changes that are most worrying.
myff admin

3.0.9 installed locally, there are 136 file changes involved which is quite small as these things go.

4 files have clear conflicts to be resolve but all will need checking and then we get to the template issues.

Database updates are minimal, a new table for login attempts and a bbcode integer size increase.
myff admin

55 files left for review, beginning to bump into the template changes.
I'm still not sure how easy/nice we will be able to make this for people
myff admin

I notice a change to viewtopic to deal with what I guess are changes to the way ICQ links are done now.
It did strike me as bizarre that things like ICQ were not dropped in phpbb3, or at least taken out of the mainline code into something configurable.
Changing core code for this sort of this is last century by way of a coding practice
myff admin

Aside from a couple of tricky files, 309 is up and working in the office.

By working I mean that on an old template one can read/post/reply get to the admin panel.

I am getting strongly inclined to the view that given that as a base it is best to let people run into the template issues and have to deal with them themselves by looking at the changes we have show in another thread.

Trying to automate the template changes would be a nightmare.

So I think letting admins make the choice on what they want to do is best.

But you will (I hope!) be uploading 3.0.9 styles?
myff admin

Yes removing non compatible styles and adding new ones goes without say.
myff admin

All files are now updated, and quite a few basic tests seem to pass.

Some new template files are ready, but more need to be downloaded to the office.

Tonight the plan is to run the database updates for 3.0.9 so forums are set ready for the 3.0.9 files.
myff admin

All template files are now done.

Still only 36 though
myff admin

The database updates did not take last night, seems we need some of the phpbb3.0.9 code in place for that to work.
Hopefully that will run tonight now.
myff admin

Database updates in place.
But support cover is limited this weekend, and there is a new guy starting Monday, so now is a poor time to do the final install.
So the aim will be for Tuesday.
On one level I'm apologetic over the time this is taking, on another level this release brings little to the product, some quite obscure bug fixes and an improvement to the login process are the upside, breaking everyone's templates and forcing them back to a small set of updated templates is the downside!
So what is the hurry? Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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