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myff admin

phpBB3.010 has been released

I expect we will get this installed in the new few weeks.

As ever the list of changes is pretty large which to my mind justifies our policy on not making many of our own changes.
myff admin

Finally on to this.
First good news is no database changes. That simplifies things a lot.
myff admin

Second good news only 114 files have changed. Which is good as these thing go.
myff admin

third good news the system claims to be able to merge the files without conflict.
This is never something that I take on trust though. A manual 3 way diff is always done.
myff admin

fourth good news before I get on and manually check the changes.

I can at least login post and reply with the new code
myff admin


+ *
+ * Be careful when using this function with permissions a_, m_, u_ and f_ !
+ * It may not work correctly. When a user group grants an a_* permission,
+ * e.g. a_foo, but the user's a_foo permission is set to "Never", then
+ * the user does not in fact have the a_ permission.
+ * But the user will still be listed as having the a_ permission.
+ *
+ * For more information see:

So that looks like an unfixed issue. I'm amazed there are not lots of such issue given the nature of the permissions system.
myff admin

database update will go in tonight. This is only a version number change.
Code possibly tomorrow, possibly Thursday.
myff admin

The files are being installed now, so some short glitches can be expected.
myff admin

I think that took about 4 hours in the end, partially because the transfer is meant to operate in a non disruptive fashion, but what is effective for small updates actually gets more of a problem for larger changes Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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