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phpbb3 template editing

As I commented elsewhere phpbb3 seems one card short of a deck in the template editing it does allow

It has a means of simply customizing the images in a template, that it kind of fails to follow through on.

Clearly we will be taking advantage of this and giving people easy basic template editing by allowing them to change the images.

Once this is done how important will it be to people to edit the complete templates? editing templates is still a pretty unique feature to myff, but in phpbb3 it will be both less necessary and more dangerous as the templates are more complicated.
myff admin

Seems we will have template editing via the phpbb3 inbuilt editing.

Images will be approached differently to currently, as they will now be uploaded not to each template, but to the users own myff web space. This is far more logical and simple to comprehend.

This is what is being worked on currently.
myff admin

uploading done, now just need to make the uploaded images available and settable.

took a little longer than hoped, but all the admin panel code is now very different and there is quite a question mark around how to style things, do we go for the easiest to use interface or do we go for consistency with phpbb3?   I think I am erring on the side of consistency. One of the "alternative" admin panels for phpbb3 I have seen is very good in parts, but there seems to be 3 or 4 different ways of seeing the admin panel, phpbb3 style, their simple style, an advanced style and even a phpbb2 lookalike style. At the end of the day it may be very clever, but it is just too much.
myff admin

You can now upload an image and set it to replace any of the images in a templates "imageset".

This is a little tricky, as phpbb3 whilst geared to allow most changes to go in the database does want images to be in a constant place in the file system.

As such it is not keen on images being on the web page path, and the web page path also needs slick handling as we are really fiddling things path wise there as well  

But at the end of the day it is doable. I do though possibly need to extend it to allow external images.
myff admin

External images can now be set Forum Index -> Forum Blogs
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