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myff admin

phpbb3: Smilie "fixes"

The Jeepers smilie pak had some errors in it that I think would stop it being read properly.

But more to the point this pak has over 1000 smilies, it is absurd and obviously will make adding smilies virtually unworkable.

I have decided to impose and arbitary 200 limit on the number of smilies that can be read from a smilies category.

If anyone wants to have more than this from the Jeepers pak then I'm happy to zip Jeepers up and let them resupply the pak as several more sensibly size paks, they would have to try and divide the pak rationally if that is possible.

I think a jeepers1, jeepers2, jeepers3, etc. would work for this.  Then again there are some of these smilies duplicated triplicate, and would be useful to search through and remove some I think.

If only we could rework the entire smilie sets without messing with the entire forum system. Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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