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PhPBB3 portal problem

Okay, I can't figure this out... on my site (at - currently no other access to the portal page) I want it to list the global announcements, and then under it the last 5 posts... problem is that when I put in the global announcement component, it shows all posts, not just globals... any clue what to change?
myff admin

It may well be a bug in the portal, portals are still a work in progress on phpbb3. I will check it out.

As a kinda seperate question, thinking this may be a pain.. is there a way I can make it so that instead of loading the portal page, it'll load the index? maybe a redirect... or something?
myff admin

Keep it to one support question per thread, if you have another question start a new topic. This will help others using "search" to find answers.
myff admin

SEARCH portal should now properly filter on topic type.

Yup, thanks again!

sorry, goes along the same line though....

The search for an author in the globalannouncement led to an error, a more obvious one...

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: phpbb_clean_username() in /home/httpd/vhosts/ on line 162

Edit: I'll leave it up at Just changed the globalannouncement component to search for only "Zudane" and this came up.
myff admin

fixed i think, the phpbb3 portals are very bleeding edge.

Least I'm helping iron out bugs :P

Thanks, yet again. Forum Index -> Portal components
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