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Okay, new question, new topic...

I got my domain that's leading to the portal index, but I'd really prefer if it could go to the board index... I was told that it automatically goes to the portal, but is there any way I can change it? redirect to the board index so I don't have problems with having a portal on my left-side portal on my portal index, but have to set it up again to have it fit on the left side of the board index?
myff admin

It would be a lot clearer if you gave links.

The standard method that you can search on is to create an index.html file with a meta refresh leading to the forum page. But we may be at cross purposes unless you give a clearer description of the issue.

Okay, to clarify it...

My new domain - leads to  which, from what I figured out is the cms_index_body.tpl template.

What I would like to find a way to do, is to get to lead to

Is there any way you know of to do that?
myff admin

As posted what you want is what happens.

Thank you! ^_^ Forum Index -> Portal components
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