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myff admin

phpbb3 how the cookies crumble

Already seeing this bug.

the solution does seem to work, but it is disconcerting that a vague security setting, can lead to a pretty fatal issue that leaves you in the dark.

Possibly my next step will be some admin panel nobbling, there are a lot of options like cookie settings that basically should simply just work and no one in their right mind would want to change them. That sort of stuff needs cutting out from the panel. No one should be able to break their forum so easily.
myff admin

Actually the problem is still happening, as someone on the thread says:


same problem, considering moving to IPB if this is not solved till tomorrow. My site is unusable.

This is precisely the sort of thing that has made us say we would not rush into phpbb3

I am sure this sort of thing will get solved, but it may be a little while.
myff admin

I think I am getting a handle on this, I think that the issue is related to the scope of cookies, and if cookies are set on a parent inadvertently, then when dealing with a child domain, the child ends up picking up the parent cookie regardless when the code resets the cookie it only manages to set its own child copy and the parents will still be the one it rereads.
As such the phpbb3 option to clear cookies does not solve the problem, only a full cookies cleanout works. Forum Index -> Forum Blogs
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