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myff admin

phpbb3 and myff webpages

The template adding dialog is now showing, but that is quite a small item, the big issue will be the web2.o functions.
myff admin

templates installing and configuration dialog showing.

Not much escaping the web 2.0 stuff now.

One observation, overall complexity not withstanding, the tabbed approach to the admin panel in phpbb3 is better, as it avoids the long vertical list of options in standard phpbb2. Though as you know we have made that easier in our phpbb2 admin panel.
myff admin

First web page created on a phpbb3 forum, wysiwyg editor is live.

One odd thing is that I got an error that would imply a bug on creating pages on the phpbb2 system, the views field for web pages in the database has no default and an insertion does not give a value  
I have fixed this on phpbb2, but for some reason I have not seen the issue on myff before, and it has not been reported.
myff admin

Blimey even the web 2.0 stuff is working without issue.

A few little bits of language are missing and more signicantly the upload/manage part of the web page system, but touch wood that is going to be easy as the rest of it has worked

At this pace, by the end of the week we really will be in the polishing phase.

Though lets make no mistake about it, the first release will have some issues.
myff admin

As I said I am sure there are bugs, but the admin side of web pages is now there and basically working

The biggest flaw is the web pages don't display yet  

But whilst phpbb2 and phpbb3 have a lot of similarities in the coding, that one was never going to work without a few changes.

I expect it will be working by the end of the day though.
myff admin

No matter how many times it happens it is still easy to get caught out by caching, I have still not managed to get web pages to display, but a combination of getting confused by things being cached and the rather important fact that I had set index.html as unpublished as part of testing has just wasted some time

Still no matter, fixed now.

But there is still quite a lot of issues with getting the templates to work the phpbb3 way, or rather getting them called properly.
myff admin

No templates as yet, but at least a web page showing

Needs another round of tweaking the clever bits from the template system on the free forums into the phpbb3 template system.
myff admin

A web page with a forum header now live.
myff admin

and with a few more tweaks I have web pages with web templates also showing.

What is still a mess in the main portal index page, not least because by default it uses portals that do need rewriting for phpbb3.

I had been wondering whether to leave these on the sidelines in order to get a quick release, but really I am still of the opinion that a delayed release is best.

So probably I should get down and write the portals.
myff admin

Just noticed I have missed putting in "Edit templates"  

Noticed this when noticing what looks like upload/manage is missing spotting the template files.

Only to be expected really, we are only 8 days into this, and whilst we seem to be well ahead of schedule, the polishing will make that look a bit different.

But of course when we do launch this, it will be with far more than when we launched myff in the first place and far more than a standard phpbb3 forum would offer.
myff admin

That one is in now, and it has made me see one more useful thing in the phpbb3 coding, there is now no need to check for sql errors on calls, the abstraction layer does this.
This may cause the odd bug where for example a call is made to insert something that may already be there, this is technically an sql error and will now blow up but on the whole it is going to make coding easier and clearer. Forum Index -> Forum Blogs
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