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phpBB3 Add-Ons

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I was scrolling through's customization add-ons list, and started to wonder.

I know phpBB3 is new and everything, but I know myfreeforum is based on phpBB, so I was just wondering if we could ever expect to be able to add some of these add-ons to myfreeforum, or if there is a way to do that now. I really liked some of them, so I downloaded them, along with the actual phpBB3, with the intent of adding them there, and uploading that whole thing to myfreeforum, but 1) I wasn't sure that would even work, and 2) I have no idea how to work the whole php thing, which is why I love myfreeforum, because it makes it so easy!

Now, again, I know it's rather new, so I understand it takes time to adapt all the features, but I was hoping we could see it sometime in the future, and I wouldn't expect you to allow all the add-ons, specifically ones that would remove or change your ads, but some of them would be nice.

Thanks for your responses in advance.

By the way, I plan on using myfreeforum for any forums I plan to create (until I'm able to do all the coding stuff), so I also plan to become a more active member of this community, so expect to see my posts showing up everywhere
myff admin

phpbb3 has the basic problem that it is still under active development, hence any customisations whether by us or by others stand to be undermined by actual phpbb3 releases that may conflict.
Heck they are in the habit of even breaking template designers work with each release  

As such whilst we will consider adding custom code, we are being ultra conservative about it

I think anyone can see from our phpbb2 forums that we believe in adding custom stuff, I don't think any rival free forum system has anything like the level of custom add ons for phpbb2    

But I'm not prepared to place myff and our users in blind alleys by adding very much phpbb3 stuff right now.

Of course the best thing to do is ask though, as I say we will consider anything, but expect our criteria to be harsh until phpbb3 settles down.

Great. Thanks.

I don't mind the harshness. All I wanted to know is that it would be considered in the future.

I completely understand not wanting to sacrifice the stability of it.

Thank you for the response. Forum Index -> PhpBB3 General Support
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