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phpbb2 to phpbb3/test or permanent only

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OK,if I choose the upgrade from phpbb2 to phpbb3 I understand I will be able to still have the phpbb2 forum while testing its duplicate in phpbb3 form,now I just wanna make sure that if I do choose to upgrade the change DOESNT have to be permanent does it? Incase I prefer to keep the phpbb2 version.
Or if I choose to upgrade will the change be permanent eventually whether I want it to or not?

Thats my question,does the upgrade HAVE to be permanent ? Or will I have a choice when Im done testing to keep phpbb2 version after all?
myff admin

The whole point of it, is to give you that choice.

If you try phpbb3 and don't like it, then don't press the button to make it permanent.

myff admin wrote:
then don't press the button to make it permanent.

Thats all I needed to make sure of.

So should I choose to keep on using phpbb2 what I do with the phpbb3,just leave it and it will be auto deleted after a time?
myff admin

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