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Phpbb2: Reminder on bany by country

In the admin panel it is possible to ban entire countries from registering.

There can be for example very few legitimate users of myff from China (CN).

I highlight China as we now review/graph our success in deal with spammers stopping them registering before they succeed and have to be dealt with by forum admins.

China can be compared to Russia (RU) in terms of having an awful lot of spammers, crudely with Russia we stop 95% of Russians, but we only manage to block 90% of the Chinese. I can't actually be sure of exact numbers because the system is based around stopping spammers and not graphing them. As Confucius says:

"Spammer beating their own brains out on firewall, is spammer we cannot count"

But we can see in relative terms we are not so effective against the Chinese, the reason for this is probably that the Eastern European spammer relies more on "Bots" the Chinese spammer is manually beating the system, and the system is meant to make it easy for humans to register.

So the upshot is you can take the decision on behalf of your own forum, but deciding in the admin panel whether to allow the usual suspects at all.

If you look in your admin logs you will see the countries people registered from. Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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