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phpBB2 or phpBB3

Which forum software do you think is better? phpBB2 or phpBB3?

I am going to make my forum on phpBB2 but not sure whether to upgrade it to phpBB3.

Can someone give me a list of things that you can do on phpBB3 which you can't on phpBB2?
myff admin

Get massively confused by the admin panel  

Lose out on our phpbb2 mods like the MODERATION portal.

Seriously you won't find a "must have" feature on phpbb3 that we don't have on our phpbb2 forums, unless you have some really odd needs.

Even the posh posting panel you you to post on the support forum is not available on phpbb3, neither is posting in html.

I did not find enough benefit in the Phpbb3 version over the Phpbb2 version right now to justify learning a whole new system. That may change in the future as they develop more things for Phpbb3, but for right now, Phpbb2 was the way to go for me.  

Just my opinion.

myff admin

It is always worth remembering that phpBB2 was phpBB2, not phpBB1, and hence is already a second iteration of an attempt to deliver functionality that really does not need to be sophisticated.

Once you have a templating system, private messages, forum permissions and a way of attaching images (which is admittedly lacking in basic phpbb2) then you have  practically all you need to run a successful forum.

I'd go as far as to say that once you get beyond that point, more forums have failed because of extra features than because they lack them.

People can be put off by complexity, and distracted from the core business of a forum which is having good posts.

my personal preference is phpbb3.  There are a ton more features that it can offer though they are not easily implemented.  The largest thing that drew me to phpbb3 was the ACP which was cleaner and easier for me to use.

Overall I would have to say phpbb3 can be a bit confusing at first, but once you learn it there is a lot you can do with it.  Although if you want to use the portals you will have to go with phpbb2.  Some of them are converted to phpbb3 although some still need to be tweaked to work properly.
myff admin

Portals will always be harder in phpbb3, in phpbb2 a portal template will generally work within almost all phpbb2 templates. Phpbb3 templates are not so uniform as a lot of them have gone over to using list styles. Forum Index -> Off Topic
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