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myff admin

phpbb2: New active topic search

This is set in the OPTIONS portal.

Previously we had the link:

That would show posts since the users last visit. We now introduce two new links:

"lastvisit" does what newposts always did, e.g. post since last visit.

"active" show posts that have been made in a time period defined in the OPTIONS portal.

Now here's the sneaky bit! In the options portal you can set "newposts" to do an "active" or a "lastvisit" search.

I have set this forum to show "active" as I prefer that, it means you can logout and login and still see current posts.

Just a quick question - I am being stupid I know but I have been searching for the last hour but can't find or am not seeing the Options portal to change these settings.

my users are requesting the active topics option



myff admin

Under admin/portal settings.


Brilliant - you have made lots of hormonal ladies very happy  Wink  

I'm just trying to get my head around the implications of this. Does this mean a site can only have :-

either a "view posts since last visit" search  OR " view active posts" search depending on what you selected in the Options Portal ?

A site can't have both ?

myff admin

You can have both, you just have to manually put the links in for what you want.
The portal options just sets the default for the behaviours of "newposts" e.g. you can use:
"lastvisit" or "active" to override that setting and to have two different links.

So to get this clear:-

If I change the Options portal selection to "view active topics" (when clicking on the View posts since last visit link) then the existing  View posts since last visit link will now act as a search for "view active topics". The link text will need to be changed accordingly.

If I were to add in the template  where I need it...

<a href="" View posts since last visit</a>

Then that link will now work as "view posts since last visit" ?

Have I got this correct ?

At the moment, after setting the option as above - in tests I find that the existing link "View posts since last visit" which currently calls on  
is returning results OK, I suspect as active topics.

when typed into my browser never return any results at all. So I only have the one version of the search actually working.

What am I doing wrong ?
myff admin

Try now, I put these things in often with quite a bit I'm hoping users will actually try.

In this case it is about 8 months later that someone has finally shown an interest and hence run into the teething troubles!

Yes ! Whatever you did made a difference.  

now does a search and returns only newer posts made only today as opposed to the existing link which returns posts from the last 72 hours and has become a "view active posts" link.

Thank you !  

Ah.. I've spotted a snag to using this facility. It only works properly provided your users use the templates that have been modidfied as I described above to give a link to the ""   so they still have a "view posts since last visit" link.

Any installed templates not modifiable because they haven't been copied into one of the four editable templates, and which are in use by members will give the "view active posts" type of search when they click on  a "view posts since last visit" link. That options portal makes global changes across all templates.  

There is a workaround for users of non edited templates so that they can perform a "view post since last visit"  search after the options portal has been switched.

They would need to be told to paste into their browser  and go to  the resulting search page which will perform a last visit type search. Then bookmark the page. The bookmark can be stored on a bookmarks toolbar and whenever they want to perform that search, just click the bookmark.  Wink

My question is if the Options Portal isnt set to the Active setting, what is the default time period for the search if you use the link instead? 72 hrs?
myff admin

the number should be there in the portal, e.g. 72 hours is there.

Ok yes, I see that now. the number applies to both settings reguardless. Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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