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myff admin

phpbb2: Improvement to mass user delete

Mass user delete now shows the SIG along with the web site, as SIG in increasingly where the spam is with no spam web site.

That will be handy, thanks.


My mass delete users page doesn't show the signature.

Also, it only shows a list if users on page 1 (Page 1 of 11), so when i click 'next' or page 2 on the pagination then it only shows the table headers and it states 'Page 2 of 1' which obviously doesn't make sense.
myff admin

The sig is shown in the website box.

I am not seeing these issues, but I am seeing some bugs with the filter boxes. So will have a look into things.

Oh, i've realised that it's just the link in a sig is shown in the website column. Any text in the sig is not shown in the website column, that's grand. didn't realise that was the case.

I've attached screenies of page 2 and page 11 of my mass delete users, as you can see only the table headers appear (same in FF and IE)

It could be specific to my XP machine that is not showing the subsequent mass delete users pages as lately my machine randomly distorts google's homepage on FF. Chrome/Safari, IE and Opera (but when searching this particular google problem it seems no-one else on the whole www has ever posted this issue). The subsequent pages not showing could be a deletion i made to my registry which is affecting rendering rather than a problem with your acp in phpbb2, especially considering no-one else here has posted the same issue. I'll ask my other admins to test and see if their machines replicate the same problem.

Click to see full size image

Click to see full size image

Actually, i've just realised from those screenies (and tried it in my acp) that when i click on page 2 in the pagination, then the check boxes are automatically ticked for Don't show users with posts and Don't show activated accounts on page 2 and subsequent pages. This is the cause i reckon.

Maybe this is machine specific too though.

Anyone else get this problem?

Edit: Actually, this is probably a known issue to you as you did state "some bugs with the filter boxes". Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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