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myff admin

PhpBB2: Gallery improvements

There are now features in the gallery portal aimed at allowing people to view just their own gallery, or the gallery of particular users.

Unfortunately this means that a long standing bug in the gallery has had to be fixed. Unfortunate as it does break people edits to the gallery templates.

Essentially cms_gallery.tpl and cms_gallery_image.tpl are now combined into the single cms_gallery.tpl file.

The file has:



<!-- ENDIF -->


<!-- ENDIF -->

Blocks to control what bit of the template is used.

Please also note the usual caveat with the gallery system. It is in fact a "meta" system storing all of the forums attachments on one server based on forum name and user name (not user id). This means it does not cope with username changes or with usernames containing odd characters.

Thankyou so much for this admin! my members will love this!

There is one issue though that i noticed. when you click on an image, "go" for filter, or next page, it sends you to the forum index page.

also, idk if it was supposed to be this way, but in the original gallery.tpl portion, a "/form" tag was at the bottom of the table, then the "form" start tag was in a cell. i am not sure if that would cause any issues or not, but i thought i would let you know.
myff admin

Can you be clearer about where and how I can see this issue? If need be PMing some login details.

It should be easy enough to resolve, but I do need to repeat it.

i do apologize. the login is "test", as well as the password lol. ill just make sure it isnt locked because we were testing all the functions upon that account. but the issue is happening in the profile link at the top of the forum.

and i tried to pm you  the login details but it says "this topic does not exist" ?

EDIT: excuse me, give me a moment to upload an image as test, unless you just want to upload one. feel free

EDIT2: all good to test
myff admin

I have logged in, but the only profile link I see takes me to edit profile.

Please go through this click by click.

Oh, i seem to have made a mistake. um, well apparently i made it so the profile link only works for admins, so i will have to fix that, so for now all i have to do is give test admin powers and click that profile link at top again. sorry for the trouble. and just let me know when your out so i can take the powers away from it again.
myff admin

Please fix the test account so that you have not published an admin login publically  

I see you are actually embedding a gallery on the profile page. I think this is the issue, the code is just not clever enough to deal with that.
Portals that are interactive need their own web page, or to use the direct:


type links.

Please fix the test account so that you have not published an admin login publically

haha, yeah, i know. it was not an admin to begin with, but that error occured and that was the fastest way to make it visable to you. the issue with that is fixed now, by the way.

anyway, so its not possible to imbed the gallery into the profile? as far as i understood portals didn't have their own pages and were to be imbedded into other pages. that was my issue with making a profile page to begin with was not being able to create a page (until i finally found the link script to link to members profiles). but also from what i understand "gallery" itself isnt a page but imbedded into the... component page? i think that was it if i remember right. please correct me if i'm wrong.
myff admin

Portals will only have their "own" page if you create a web page and enter them as "{MYFF.GALLERY}" or whatever to that web page.

Otherwise they can be accessed via links like:


The above have subtle differences which I'd have to remember myself  

If you embed a portal on a forum page, then there are two things going on, what the page itself wants as parameters and what the portal wants, the profile page as it wants a specific parameter as to what you are doing with the profile would need cleverer portal code for it to embed successfully.

Ah, that makes sense. Well, either way, I thank you very much for your help. until i figure something out, i guess i will just have to make a link from profile to gallery. not a terrible solution
myff admin

It does raise the question of cleverer embedding. But it is a tricky issue, I really wonder about how well complex portals could ever work on say an "edit profile" page  

As you say a link is not a terrible solution and it sure as hell is simpler and safer.

Yes. I was just hoping to make it so that a members profile was like their own little "everything page", with everything that dealt with them and their files on it. *Looks to the future*
myff admin

it is notable that phpbb3 has gone the  opposite way, splitting the profile into manageable sections.

One of the few phpbb3 decisions that make sense in my view. Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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