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myff admin

Phpbb2: Editable email templates

By popular request. I'm aiming to get this done quickly.
myff admin

This is in and seems to work

When you use the template editor now, you will see at the bottom that you can edit email templates.

If you do edit email templates, please note that these will override language based email templates.

Excellent,thanks very much.

Great service as usual.

My welcome email is now personalised

Awesome work thanks for this new add !!

Just a question though, what kind of codes do we used to add images ??
bbcodes or html codes ?? Almost sure its bbcodes but just want to make sure.

Thanks !!

HTML in templates.  BBCode doesn't work in an e-mail.  Basically, the e-mail template should be the same thing you would actually e-mail.
myff admin

Standard phpbb2 email templates do not support html or bbcode. Which is why you don't see either of those things in the templates.

Ok no probs !! Cool thing anyway !!  Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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