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Comkidwizzer3 has updated to 3.0.6

Can you believe? has updated to 3.0.6, it now has Quick Reply, can't wait 'till it comes out

I'm still waiting for this too.  Estimate was 2-3 months... 2 months ago, so any time now should have it.
myff admin

At least it wil have useful things. Seems like phpbb3.05 has barely been out 5 mins though

Every time it looks like we might get round to a big phpbb3 development bash another official release is on the cards  

I hope the quick reply is one based on preimehalo's as I've looked at a couple of others and all bar his want database modifications for no reason, with primes you don't have that and you got the ability to quote last post

There's the link to the test for it.  It looks like it would really need some tweaking to look better though.  Hopefully the template updates help with that.
myff admin

Can you hear my teeth grinding?

Quick reply will need ALL templates updating.

It is the sort of feature you need to decide on having at the start of development.

it should have been possible to do a lot more with the templates.

Take for example the bits at the left on this forum. All the borders are stupidly hardcoded I say stupidly but we did not write the core of phpbb2 and so can't reinvent the wheel at that level.
If working from scratch on a template system though I would expect to see modular templates, e.g. there would be a LEFTCOLUMN element template and so on and so forth. Forum Index -> Off Topic
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