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Photoshop Tutorials?

I was finely able to buy Photoshop CS3 and now I need some good tutorials to do. I found the one with the green apple, here are my results from that.

Are there any other really good ones out there that I shouldn't miss doing? I have found some of the tutorials are just not written that well and are a bit of a struggle, so thought I would ask you guys if you knew of some better ones.


That's a brilliant tutorial eh?

Forgot full name of the person who does that tutorial, I think it's Eren Goksic or something like that, nice end result too  Wink

On YouTube, look for the 'You Suck At Photoshop' series, they are tutorials with comedy, good tutorials, and you will have fun along the way too (do them in order as there is a story that develops too).

Thank you Bravo, I will check it out. Yes, I absolutely loved that Green Apple Tutorial, it was so much fun. Even though I had screwed up a couple of times and had to go back. lol The author was Eren Goksel. I suppose I could do a search of other tutorials he has written.

Thanks again for the tip about YouTube.


Thanks, Nick, appreciate it.


The courses on are usually pretty good

Thank you for the suggestion, I will check it out. I do like the free part of the courses. lol

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