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photobucket videos
Searched both the forum and the Howto for Photobucket
How do I embed a Photobucket video into my forum. For Youtube I use the vid.../vid and this works fine?
myff admin

Tell us the format of the tag and I will see what can be done.

This is the img tag [IMG][/IMG]
myff admin

I'm not finding anything on photobucket that says you can embed video.

found links to people failing to find a way doing it.

Thanks for looking mate, I hate PB for video. I'll tell the guys it isn't going to happen

Unless Photobucket have changed from the last time i used them , they block embeding and hot linking.

G'day Symon
I just had a look at PB FAQ and found this:-

Linking And Embedding Images
First, make sure you've enabled the link codes you want. Go to your albums tab under your user settings to check/uncheck the options you want to see, or click here.

Email & IM: Use this link to share your content via email or IM. This link will send you directly to the album or photo you're currently viewing.

Slideshow: This link is only available in the album view. This link provides you with a slideshow of all the photos within the album you're currently viewing.

Direct link: This is the actual web location where your image is stored. Use this link for sites that ask you to insert an image from a web URL.

*** Note! If a forum or blog asks you to use a direct link to embed your photo, the photo may or may not display at full size, depending on the forum and its posting guidelines. Some forums resize images automatically! ***

HTML code: Use this to embed a photo or video on websites like Wordpress, Hi5, Blogger, eBay and more! Your media will display at full size on the page you create.

HTML thumb: Use this to embed a thumbnail version of your photo (160 x 120 pixels) instead of at full size.

IMG code: Use this to embed your photo or video on bulletin boards and forums that do not allow you to input HTML coding. Your media will display at full size on the page you create.

IMG thumb: Just like the IMG code, except a thumbnail version of your photo (160 x 120 pixels) will appear on the page.

The problem seems to be a simple one ...

The video is a mp4  ,, the bbcode video doesnt seem to support .mp4

Unless im missing something that is , i have tried many ways to do this using the video tag , and all it does is try and load a windows media player plugin. Forum Index -> PhpBB2 General Support
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