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phbb2 to phbb3, how long?

i done the phbb2 to phbb3 upgrade on the 18th 3.30pm (melbourne time) and my forum has not come back online

i see that others have had problems due to the firewall...but mine is still not working

please help

myff admin

I can see a phpbb3 board at that address, but it shows as unavailable.

What have you done?

It looks like you have clicked that the conversion is complete when perhaps it failed.

You need to get back to phpbb2, run a conversion and see that it has worked.

what have i done lol??? i thought i hopefully converted it to phpBB3 lol

can i still go back to phpBB2? i thought once i said to make the link phpBB3 i couldn't go back to i just tell it to force link back to phpBB2???

(sorry i am very new to all this)

myff admin

You can change back. You just can't do so forever.

The rule is to run an upgrade, check it is working and then do the options to actually changeover.

thanks, i will switch it back and see what goes nothing  


forget that, sorry....stay tuned

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fingers crossed it worked this it Forum Index -> PhpBB3 General Support
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