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Please ask questions in real English and not "txt". You will get a better response.
Please do not ask support questions via PMs.

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Peace Keeping

We here at the support like to try and run a fast friendly service to all you forum owners.

The support is here for support for your forums , however we do have an offtopic where we encourage you to post and feel apart of the system.

Bearing this in mind over the last few months there has been a rapid increase of people coming here hell bent on causing trouble or to do some childish point scoring.

We do not want to close the off topic or ban any members , but we must ask you respect all members and their posts. If there is a complaint in terms and conditions please do not post unless you have something constructive to say, mindless squabbles in this section, hold up any real compliant.

If you have a problem with certain posters then my advice is to ignore them and their posts, do not end of thread spam for the sake of it, just to continue the rift or point score.

Many members come here and offer help as well, we encourage this, however some people after making such helpful posts, then follow it up with silly posts that can only be deemed as trollish, thus all the good work they have done is forgotten.

Please help us to help you by keeping your personnel squabbles off the forum. Admin works tireless to keep this system going and works non stop on improving the system fore your benefit, please show some respect to him and the mods who give up their free time helping you.

Remember if you cant say anything nice , then please say nothing at all and let the Admin and mods take care of any hatred posts, by you replying is just adding fuel to the fire.

Many Thanks


Well Put Symon

Best Wishes to you and family David Garden Daveskaraokeforums. Forum Index -> Off Topic
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