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Paid advertising

I've seen the downsizer ad come up a few times, and I'm guessing that's more than just random chance...

I was wondering if there was any way to get an ad for my own site thrown up there for a fee?
myff admin

The downsizer ad is a random rotation of free good cause ads we show. Unfortunately as they are free there is no code that counts where and when they are shown, so no fee structure is possible currently.

I was just thinking more like... toss a $30 donation for ya :P
myff admin

Without a structure to it, that is part of a slippery slope into it looking like favors for a perceived  in crowd, and a two tiered service. It is also questionable what the benefits of one forum advertising on another are? and how much it might annoy other forum owners?

I suppose we could start a poll on having an advertising option?

This was discussed a while back.  I think I proposed something perhaps in the admin panel an option for x amount of time for x amount of money.

I think it was refused in the end on the grounds admin pointed out above.

I still think it would be a good idea, and everyone would know it's not for an 'in crowd' as they would also have the option of advertisiing their own forum.  And after all, if they really don't want those ads, there is already in place a system of removing them (paying for ad free).

To me, everyone is a winner.
myff admin

I'm willing to entertain the option.

If we go for it, it will be a little time coming as whilst we are set up now to allow adverting options to be added, the code to serve the adverts will need writing, as it would need to be cleverer than the free ads system.

The problem I'd see is as follows: one gaming forum pays to have their advert shown for say 3 months and that advert appears on another gamming forum, I'd be pretty p'oed if I was the owner of forum b, which brings in filtering from similar themed forums, which in turn defeats the point as you'd be appealing to those people. In the end I see no forum really gaining from it, as one pays and struggles to gain members and the other struggles to get off the ground.

surely gaming forums would be better with IGN as they are the crowd your aiming for:

This is purely an example of the possibles.
myff admin

There are certainly issues. We may choose to support good causes with free advertising, we are on the whole dependent on the ad revenue.

Thus we really should be charging the going rate for advertising which would not be good for those paying unless the adverts were not just there but well targeted. e.g. gaming adverts in gaming forums! Forum Index -> Off Topic
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