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Ownership Transfer question

I'm a non-owner admin at

I want to assume ownership of the forum. The owner, Travis, is no longer active. I'm in contact with him outside the forum and he seems agreeable to transferring ownership to me. But he is asking if he can email MYFF rather than having to return to the forums here. Plus, I'm not sure he still gets email at the old address he used to create the forum.

Can someone email me, so I can give Travis an email address to contact? Thanks.

If this doesn't work, I'll try posting a public request for ownership change at the forum.
myff admin

We can be email on admin[at]

But obviously we have to be able to see that someone is the owner of the forum. e.g. they have to be emailing from the right email address or tell us the password.

Ownership Change Request

I have posted an ownership change request at the forum. I wish to assume ownership of the abandoned forum, which has been without an active owner for over six years. Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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