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Out doorworld

post exchange or link exchange is what im wanting to do.

If we do post exchange i would mostly like. 15 or more posts on each forum.
If we do link exhange i would put your link in the advertising section on outdoorworld

any body?

thanks Andrew

Hey Andrew I will do a post exchange!

How about 20 posts each?

My forum:

Sorry I didn't really get to this post that you made, i dont check the link exchanges very often.

And some guy found out my admins password and deleted all of my members that weren't a mod or admin.

Whihc means you were deleted along with many of my close friends.

But some people are re joining and im needing all the link exchanges i can get lol.

hope you can re join and do those 20 posts as i am joining on your forum right now and doing the 20 posts.

thanks Forum Index -> Link Exchange
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