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Mrs John Murphy

Our administrator/owner has left us


Basic problem is this - we have a forum, but our administrator/owner/moderator has left us. He isn't answering any emails etc etc.

The forum is fine BUT we have been hit by spam bots. As we have no other moderators, or admins we can't ban the bots and they keep spamming the forum.

Can you help us to at least get some control over the forum.

myff admin

Start a thread on your forum stating the proposed new admin and link to this thread, and on this thread give a link to the forum thread.

Ask us to review the thread in a week.
Mrs John Murphy


I posted the link to this thread

We had a poll about new admins  and there was strong support for some new admins

and then we had a poll to nominate new admins.

myff admin

Okay, but the issue from our end is who the new "owner" is. They can sort our admins.
Mrs John Murphy

OK. So if we nominate a new owner is that ok? Sorry to be so dopey about this all.
myff admin

That's what we need.
Mrs John Murphy

Hello again.

OK. Our poll closed and two members have the clear support of the other posters. (Berck and Slapshot 3)

Berck is happy for Slapshot to take responsibility for ownership and Slapshot is happy to have it.

Is there anything more we need to do to get some admin for our forum and to get rid of the spammers?
myff admin

I have given them a control panel password.
Mrs John Murphy

Thank you for all of your help. Very much appreciated. Forum Index -> Running your community
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