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one of my admin messed my site up....someone help plz

ok...first of all i cant get on my account name or on the site at all either to try and change things back...

my name is slimekiller and a victim of a hacker.
i was on about 11:30am February 22, 2007 and things worked fine..but my buddy when he got on at 12:30 things wernt the same....

This forum is a major thing since its my only way of having ppl that need help in my "game" and now alot of ppl are lost on whats going on..

i would like it if someone could help me get it back.
my buddy who was a admin can log in but he cant get into admin pannel. and im not sure if he can get on anymore.

Someone please help i am in a major crisis.

Ticket now open for admin.

what that mean???

shows this as a priority
myff admin;task=loginforum&Itemid=27

Can you use the control panel above to reset your forum system/admin accouint?

no that password was changed as well..cant get in it keeps saying invalid password.
myff admin

What about the lost password link and what are you entering as the login name?

sorry didnt notice trying that right now....i was just upset cause is my main priority for telling people the updates for my game.

EDIT: ok i can get on thing...but when i click admin pannel on my forum...i cant log into that...theres no login screen for it....
myff admin

Use the control panel to reset to subSilver and clear html from templates.

THANK YOU! im so joyous right now....
myff admin

I have done this for you, given the offensive nature of things

You have to ask yourself who had admin access to do this, you were not hacked someone with admin access did this. Or an admin password was totally pathetic. Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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