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One for the techies, we have started using GIT

All software should have some kind of  version control system so that you can get back to any code revision and generally control the development process.

The forums have been running on the CVS system which now qualifies as ancient, but whilst I have looked at other systems like SVN they have not exactly lit a fire for me

CVS had at least the virtue of being relatively simple, and nothing I had seen in SVN made subjects like "branching" easy to deal with

GIT on the other hand is Linus Torvalds take on a version control system and since he wrote the Linux kernel he should know what develops need out of a system.

So we have been moving our partners Switch and now the myff code base over to use GIT.

There are a lot of things I like already.

1) The repository itself is a single directory and not a CVS directory for every directory in the code.
2) You can easily have a remote master repository but work locally and push/merge from the master when needed.
3) branching is core to the process.
4) A lot of compression goes on which means the stored size of the repository is more manageable.
5) as GIT is shiny and new there are a lot of tools being developed for it, CVS gets more marginalised with each new release of Linux.
6) The whole thing is based around SHA1 hashes which gives a lot of speed and integrity to operations. Basically if your "commit" has a certain hash, then it is next to impossible to retrieve that commit and end up with the same hash but different code. Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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