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Offensive or Inappropriate System Avatars


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Now I am not a prude by any means and having served in the Armed Forces for more than 12 years I am well used to bawdy or inappropriate behaviour. However, within the confines of my forum I have a duty of care to my forum members whose ages range from under 10 to over 85 and some of the system avatars are wholly inappropriate. It is hypocritical of the Admin Team moaning at members for using avatars that break our rules when we have MYFF providing them on the system in the first place. Is there a way of us being given the option of which galleries we make available to the members? Otherwise the only option will be to remove everybody's access to all avatar galleries which is definitely a case of throwing out the baby with the bathwater.



Which avatar pack are they in?

edit: Just looking through, 008 in 'Male1' looks possibly disgusting. At first I thought it was an arm, but it doesn't look to be. That's the only one I could find.

They are in the "female1" and "male1" galleries and we would not want access to the "requests" or "unisex1" galleries either.

Some examples:




You have to remember that the images whilst not harmless to a lot of people are not the sort that 10 year olds should be subject to. Also, older members who have different standards of decency do not like them either.

I just want to be able to control what avatars are available to my members and not have them foisted on us.

myff admin

I will remove them, but these are the first complaints in 8 years on these images.

You might not have any complaints over eight years but my forum Admin Team certainly have over the years and my forum has been going for over seven years. Getting fed up with giving complainant's a feeble reply of "can't do anything, they are on the system" for the umpteenth time, I turned to you for help.

I wasn't asking for the avatars I mentioned to be removed as it deprives other forums of those images. I just wanted to be able to choose which Avatar libraries are available on my forum which probably has a greater age range of members than most. As it happens, I have not listed all those images that people have complained about anyway so removing a few will not eradicate the problem.

Thanks anyway

myff admin

The loss of a few distasteful Avatars is not a big deal.
myff admin

they should be gone now. Forum Index -> PhpBB3 General Support
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