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myfreeforum update
myfreeforum closure
Sorry for outage
anti spam measures
Apologies for network outage
phpbb2: Stale thread warning
Wonko downtime Friday 6am
Jeltz downtime Wednesday 6am - 8am
Slarti downtime Monday 6am-8am gmt
Zaphod server downtime Thursday 6am - 8am
Ford server downtime Wednesday 6am - 8am
Hotblack down time 6am Tuesday 3rd December problem
Hotblack downtime Thursday 9am GMT
Gallery being moved
phpBB3 slow private message page
Wonko downtime 6am GMT Friday
Physical server moves IP changes
8th anniversary of myfreeforum
Internet explorer 10 forum creation problem fixed.
Rebooted hotbalck proxies with more memory
Importand notice regarding copyright
Jeltz server rebooted with more cpu and memory
I'm glad we didn't run our users round in circles on cookies
Speed up in the works
and yet another title format check
another test of title
twitter portal test1
twitter with title test
twitter portal test
twitter portal back live
Server issues, firewall restarted
Gallery maintenance
phpbb2: Record users
7th anniversary of myfreeforum
phpbb2: Post thanks system
phpbb2: cms_modactions fix for Chrome and possibly Safari
Jeltz downtime.
wonko phpbb2 maintenance
wonko phpbb3 maintenance
jeltz phpbb2 maintenance
hotblack server boosted
phpbb2: Improvement to mass user delete
Moving the arcade
forum control domains being moved.
slarti server down for maintenance
phpBB3.010 has been released
Interface improvements
phpbb3: fix to regression in adding smilies
Tapatalk (mobile access) for phpBB3
Service interuption coming soon
Another server...
Advert Glitch
Drive failed on a NAS raid device
post/zip code test
advertising changes
Change to directory system
Phpbb2: Reply notification on new registrations
6th Anniversary for myff
Another datacenter goes live
Phpbb2: Reminder on bany by country
One for the techies, we have started using GIT
phpbb2: Mass delete users improvements
phpbb2: Posting outage
Few minutes outage for some as a proxy was rebooted
Control panel fixed
Bit of an attack going on.
removed the bottom of forum advertising banners
PhpBB3: Upload avatar fix
Important: Forum spam issues
it just keeps going...
Stopping the spambots once and for all
Some architectural changes
Server problem
Speeding up the morning
Phpbb3: Anti Spam measure
phpbb2: Improved anti-spam
Forums on Jeltz, Zaphod, Hotblack and Wonko for good measure
Lame smilies
Monday 24th January Tip of the day
Sunday 23rd January tip of the day
Saturday 22nd January tip of the day
Friday 21st January tip of the day
Thursday 20th January tip of the day
Wednesday 19th January Tip of the Day
Tuesday 18th January tip of the day
Monday 17th January tip of the day
Sunday 16th January Tip of The Day
Ford server being moved.
Just a heads up on advertising
Network issues
Happy new year
New advertising removed for now.
Database issues
Next server on order
Facebook Like Button
New Graphics support forum section
phpBB2: New lost username/password system
Help me out here!
Server monitoring
phpbb2: mod actions template fix
Another twitter test
Twitter feed test
phpbb2: {FROM_USERNAME} macro in email templates
Zaphod server down for maintenance
Important - Server downtime From Midnight Friday UK Time
phpbb2: Smarten up your registration/profile forms
Hotblack server phpbb2 css/js file compression added
phpbb3: Smilie "fixes"
Directory screenshots
PhpBb2: Country registration bans
New offsite backup server ordered
New look and new categories!
phpbb2: Mass delete users improvements
Servers rebooted
Possible largely transparent overhaul of forum access.
advert targeting
Swanning off?
Most powerful server yet on order
Forums on slarti (and Ford)
Report problem adverts here
PhpBB3: Better imageset editing
Hotblack forum server rebooted
Forums on the Wonko server
Firewall issues
Forums on the Ford server
Server not moved :(
tick tock
Big new server on order
Scary graph
Free advertising for your forum or business with myff.
myfreeforum facelift
The gameserver is moving servers and so is be down for a bit
Is there any interest in a URL shortener?
[ABD] phpbb2: twitter feed
5th Anniversary message
datacenter outage
Wonko outage
Next generation portals
PhphBB2: Guest posts can now be set on "moderation"
Jeltz forum server maintenance.
What a daisy chain
Old Server ips now offline
Been speaking to another free forum host...
arcade move
short adserver outage earlier
Owner domains DNS update
DNS lag
Coming to the end of forum moves
DNS server
Hotblack forum server
Forum DNS issues
Wonko forum server
Jeltz forum server
If you can't see your myfunforum.
All but one USA non google advert feeds have been dropped
slarti forum server
Another new server, well sort of!
CounterStrike Source Server
Zaphod forum server
More forum servers
Small observation
Coming soon, higher phpbb3 attachment limits
Some adverts removed
How long is long enough?
IP banning experiment
Google Analytics
Network issue at LINX on 09/12/2009
Forum server moves
New server and NAS ordered
Another NAS?
Can I sell someone a Lemon?
Improved flags system/return of Ford
Phpbb2: Editable email templates
phpbb2: New active topic search
So what's next?
Gallery downtime
phpBB 3.0.7-PL1 released
40 million posts!
phpbb3: phpbb3.07 released
phpbb2: MYPAGE portal
New "switch" on order, some downtime expected.
Easier portals
phpbb2: Another way of using the CONTENT portal
Interesting hosting development
My page Portal idea?
Phpbb2: Removal of mozilla navigation bar support
Gallery maintenance
phpBB2: New gallery options
phpbb2: Viewportal.php update
Watch this space!
PhpBB2: Gallery improvements
4Tb NAS on order
Goodbye Ford, Hello Enterprise
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