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Admin user list feature
Current schedule
Quick Reply Option now available
Looking for a volenteer!
Faster or Slower or no difference
Should we allow guest posting
Moderator/Edit logging
Guest posting disabled on some forums
Forum cull is beginning
Optional hacks
Private forums
THis forums sudden disappearance just now.
Forum promotion system
Use of spam email to promote forums
New forum control panel
Custom footer html
Google Ads
Main site outage on Saturday 5th November
Forums updated to phpbb2.0.18
Server names
Server speed
Visual confirmation to prevent registration floods
Spanish language pack added
Better IP tracking.
Sorry for brief outage
Change in styles display
Search engine friendly links
Very basic forum statistics
Advert free forums
Apologies for the short period of emergency downtime.
20 minutes down time scheduled for the weekend
Forums directory added
boards updated
Upgrades on Sunday
Servers upgraded
Forum search and most popular forums features added
Servers to be upgraded
Style Previews
Forum Sharing
Hosting offers and advert free forums
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