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Inter forum link network
New template macros
What "hack"/portal component to add next?
Installed hacks list
Private message limits now settable in the admin panel
A reminder about free forums being free.
admin mass email can now send in html
Don't make your site too slow for new visitors!
Creating valid html pages.
Google Advertising changes
control panel changes
Newsletter subscription management
Directory updates
Meta Directory
forum still serving the error page
SOme forums appearing suspended/notthere
Missing forums
Possibly brief downtime on "slarti" server Sunday
Gallery retention times increased offline for transfer to the new server
Adding attachments offline this evening UK time. and available for testing
New server deployment outage
A couple of Logo competitions for the new year
Saturday January 6th upgrades
Email address change
Name server outages
New server issues
Does anyone fancy a move to the new faster and empty server?
Birthday hack progress
New server ordered
Viewonline minutes can now be set in the admin panel
Poll "View result" fixed.
A spot the "bug" t-shirt challenge
forum gallery component
Styles are now in categories (work in progress)
On the fly image rotate now available for attachments
Image gallery now private
On the fly image resize now available for attachments
What do people want in their own forum galleries?
New file attachments system now available
Looking for a couple of graphics to be created
In the Pipeline: Attachment/Gallery portal component
On the pipeline! Better forum statistics
Improved google search with site "flavouring"
Suggestion for anyone adding html to templates etc
Image hotlinking
Smiley reordering
Server changes
Does anyone want their sub portal style available for all?
Important issue for all forums - get your cheque book ready!
shadow topic management
Suspended/Deleted forums now return a 404 error
A good topic title will help your post counts!
Forums created, but never visited by the admin
Any Americans want to do the admin a big favour.
Post something nice about myfreeforum!
Please don't respond to guest spam.
Smiley paks wanted
Need help with ads
Support forum pruning
sub forum improvements
Welcome to Nick(NR) as your new myfreeforum moderator
An example web site with forum using a portal wins top of the search wins general chat competition
One of our reasons for sticking with google adverts!
help ;-;
Who deleted my topics??
mass suspension of forums
Another quick competition for a t-shirt wins best niche forum
Small search engine optimisation wins most meaningful forum.
portal template editor
Apologies for outage just now.
Interruptions to service 06/07/06
Howtodoit now forum and full portal view
Forums mass emailing function suspended
Portal template editing on hold till next Saturday. wins coolest style competition
backup support forum.
Server DOS attack
More server upgrades
Schedule for portal template editing
Experimental change which may effect posting/forum look
Downtime on Trillian
Slight pause on the portal
[TOPPOSTERS] component added.
Portal changes
I think we are seeing fallout from forumup
Some login issues may be sorted.
We have a winner in the best graphics competition.
Portal back on burn from Thursday
New server report
Wave goodbye to slarti
I would just like to say.......................... offline for relocation
APOLOGY - some templates have been deleted
I'm not putting more adverts on the forums!
It might not mean much to you, but it looks good to me.
New server/forum cull/forum moves
New server
One week count down!
The Portal system is now in place.
Support offline due to power cut
Two week count down
Forum owner account now protected against rogue admins
Admin panel changes
Alpha version of custom profile hack installed
Edit Theme in the admin panel
Added an "all terms" topic quick search
Affiliates/link section
myfreeforum t-shirts
Custom profile hack programming started
Restoration in event of a rogue admin/mod wrecking a forum
Image attachment mod
The think of a competition competition!
Increased logging in the admin action log
New forum rescue facilities
Other free forum services
Support forum posts.
Default forum permissions poll
Myfreeforum/Rampage[z] CounterStrike Source server
Search Engine spiders now shown in whosonline and admin pane
Trillian Server maintenance
Slow down on the main server just now
"www" addresses will cease to function
My site(s) please dont lock this one please
My site(s)
Virtual betting and Arcade games
May make some cookie changes.
Flood limit removed for editing posts
Flood limit removed for mod and admins
Passwords and hacking
More forums being moved to Trillian server
Network outage
Short database outage just now
Site Meta keywords
Free advertising
Change to Terms & Conditions of private forums
Apologies to those on zaphod
Apologies for the downtime on the new server just now
Custom templates if you have your own domain name
An announcement and a puzzle!
New server now live
Forum name resolution problems
BBcode "Spoiler" hack
New server has been ordered
Some fixes if you use your own domain name
Speeding up the forums
Inactive forum cull time again
Forum reboot
A million posts!
Another 15% of the adverts removed
Fix to bad avert sizes today
Forums reboot in a moment on zaphod
A bug if you are using your own domain name properly!
Possible short outage on on main server shortly
Admin signature length limit removed.
Domain name poll
My opinion
phpbb 2.019
Another SEO step added
Sites promoting "self hatred" or harm to others.
advertising changes
Forum "archive" now installed
A few questions on a "hack" that will soon be inst
New forum!
Advanced user search in the admin panel
Slight chance of a problem later
Site Shop Now Open!
Easier than ever to add your own logo
Adding your own logo made a little easier
New Server ordered
server upgraded
Trying to get server upgrade scheduled - 8am GMT Tomorrow
New forum owners forum
Please keep it public!
Global Moderator Hack
Server moves - happening ready or not!
Bit of a DOS type attack just now.
Doesn't any one else want a faster server?
Moving my forum
User template editing
Multiple forums
Upgrade scheduled for Sunday Morning
Server upgrades
chattypeople forum suspended for spamming this forum
Main site change
Slow down just now
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