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Sending pm when transfering cash
Phpbb2: XTRANSFER portal fixes and enhancements
phpbb3: Only copied styles can now be edited
phpbb3: smilies
phpbb3: czar_orange style removed
phpbb2: ACTIONS portal registration event
Private Area accessed by number of posts. (hack)
PHPBB2: ACTIONS portal debug feature
Phpbb2 registration issues
MODACTIONS and REPORT portals available.
PHpbb2: Visual confirmation change
20 million posts
Sunday backup changes
Phpbb2: Email bounce reporting/fixing feature
Phpbb2 - Forum subscription system
small observation
phpbb3 style reset and template editing changes
phpbb3 forms on zaphod/ temopory issues!
phpBB3 template slots and editor user available.
Phpbb3 upgrades available
phpbb3 DNS bug logo needed
dice rolling
Server being restored
Server being rebooted.
Important. We are not registering on forums!
New features: Moderation extras & subject param on priv
xcash/xtransfer template fix
Suggested XTRANSFER changes/additions
database restart on slarti
What to people want in a "RESTRICTUSER" portal
Network news
New ONLINE portal
New XTRANSFER/XCASH portal, + auto display on some portals
Some tweaks to the slarti(myfreeforum) server
Shop Departments
All servers rebooted to install latest kernel updates
Virtual shop mod guide
Zaphod Server maintenance
Myfreeforum and phpbb3
Shop and CASH/ACTIONS mod released
Slarti going down for emergency maintenance.
Server load balancing
Shop images needed
Nameserver changes in the next 48 hours
Changing rank colors/style in the online user list.
Merge topics utility added wins best graphics
Getting what you pay for...
General chat competition winner
Hardware issue on Zaphod server
Cash mod progress
Change to sessions code to make last visit times accurate
Google site search on forum search page.
Thank you for visiting / goodbye page
New UK dedicated server
A few minutes downtime on Ford/ on Sunday live and dangerous
adverts on web pages
Improved COMMENT portal component top of the search
So was that UK only or what?
bug fix to searching
Bebo/myspace/Xfire/FaceBook/Steam link buttons to Profiles.
15 million posts wins best niche forum
Coolest style competition winner.
Welcome to Bravo as a new myff moderator
10 ways to know your forum is not one of ours
Coming soon chat with
Where next?
Ford and Zaphod servers to be upgraded Friday 8am GMT
Tweaking the viewtopic_body.tpl for the blog view
myff Feature comparison
Blog Forums and Card index forums released
Server Ford (myfastforum) 20mins downtime Thursday 8am GMT
WEBCONTENT Alpha portal released
Blog forums
Server upgrade ordered
Template free webpages
MyFreeForum sponsors Farnborough Invincibles
Basic "card file" view added.
A little fun for the afternoon!
Short UK slowdown next Friday
20,000 forums!
speedier posting and searching
Speedier topic viewing
Small search fix
st_jimi banned
Gallery size limit raised
Place members on "moderation"
Forum purging policy
Adverts at the bottom of the forums dropped for a while
Arcade tournament portal
anyone having problems
Server Ford going briefly offline
Latest Member Portal
Arcade highscore portal
Own domain management
Mouse over pop up window
Server Slarti just reconfigured
Zaphod Server maintenance
How safe is your forum/backups on myff.
Red Yellow Card Warning System
attack on server
Separate Table For Categories
Coming soon memberlist portal
change to image upload
memberlist can now show xprofile fields
Zaphod server upgrade Friday
Adding styles in admin panel much faster
Server speed ups
Best forums competitions
mjProSilverPortal template released
Another one bites the dust
viperProSilverPortal template released
Nasty portal caching bug fixed
New support forum look
Two gallery issues fixed
webpage and portal www redirections added
New bbcode box
Make your forum load faster and prepare for the new wysiwyg
Danaldinho Banned
How to get the best response out of the support forum
New forum stats graphs added
html/wysiwyg and editing/quoting posts.
Gallery fix
Which posting panel style do you prefer?
bbcode portal released
New posting bbcode panels
Change to topic display
bbcode editor
Prize quiz
Looking for a portal name for the web page thingamy
Current plans
poll portal component
Embedded arcade
Quiz component released
Slightly easier portals
Quiz component progress
statisitic graphing problem
Does anyone fancy writing a feature comparison table?
myfreeforum arcade
EMAILER message templates
Changing the look of sub forums in viewforum_body.tpl
Two years old today (well roughly speaking)
web page wysiwyg editor now has forms options
emailer portal
"Link" in the GUI editor can now browser server an
Improved caching
BIRTHDAY portal now allows other anniversaries
Need some icons
multiple pm recipients
Slight change to forum admin
Are things any faster?
Symon And Admin
<?php echo "here"; ?> bug
bug fixes to the COMMENT component
New features rollout
new xprofile form
Forum scammer
Do not spam post your forum
Template tshirt challenge
New features installed today
Web page hall of fame
Do not spam "post your forum"
Improved subforums
I'm excited
admin help
New admin panel tomorrow
Post edit time limit now installed
Now we're cooking on CVS
Note on forced word wrapping hacks
web pages progress
web page wysiwgy issues
Web page navigation/search
paypal payments added to the site shop
basic guide on how to make a WebPage
A demo web site
Switching to google payment gate way in the shop
A plea for valid pages!
Web page creation now live.
Own domain names
Minor change to forums management
Web page code deployment
Coming soon GALLERYIMAGES component
Anyone else noticing strange things?
Want to play with templates?
Basic Arcade
Adding web pages to your forum
New user_level_flag macro
10 million posts
New image confirmation code
Is this readable?
Current schedule
Allowed Avatar sizes increased
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