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PhpBB3: Forgotten Password bug fix
Slarti forums moving
phpbb2: New option in mass email
everydns heads up
"eddy" forums server due to go online in the next
Ford server on the verge of being empty ready for shipping
Slarti forum moves moving domains
Connectivity issue just now
Arcade offline for server move
Half of the new servers power now in action? moving servers moving servers
Advert free prices reduced
Control panel access announcement
Christmas message
backup regime
The season of spam begins
What downtime is acceptable for maintenance?
Goodbye Zaphod, Hello Swan
Game servers, any interest?
Zaphod arrives home
Phpbb3: Oh what a web we weave
phpbb3: Version 3.06 Obsolete styles
Trillian/Marvin change
phpBB3: Version 3.06 updated styles
Network issue at LINX on 09/12/2009
Heads up on advertising changes
phpbb2: Show newest user options added
Temporary adverts
phpbb2: Guest advertising
phpbb2: Suggested pagination change.
Phpbb3: Mobile template access
phpbb3: phpbb3.06 released
Phpbb2: Better mobile access installed
How much interest is there in cellphone forum access?
Offsiting offline
A message from the new datacenter!
IMPORTANT: Some forums are moving to a new server
Help needed
Jquery installed.
New server on order.
More happening than you might think
Phpbb2: New topic tracking/newest post code
Does anyone fancy a php coding competition?
UK network issues
phpbb2: Does view newest post work for you?
phpbb2: Major topic unread tracking bug fix.
phpbb2: View posts since last visit behavior
Offsite templates back online
Phpbb2: ";" now disallowed in new usernames
phpbb2: Admin panel database size fix
phpbb3: Tip for large forums
phpbb3: Admin panel database size fix
godaddy offsite systems abandoned
phpbb2: template copying fix
PhpBb2: Wiki and post comment system installed
phpbb2: Record 2.5 million requests to the template server
Phpbb2: Faster posting on large forums/Changed Search cid
phpbb3: Basic SEO added
Gallery/backup server upgrade
template server yoyoing
phpbb2: Gallery change
Zaphod outage
Phpbb2: Online users list change
Phpbb2: Post comment feature
Help needed on new feature.
Add User Submitted Guides On HOWTODOIT
Phpbb2: Experimental modification to search
Phpbb3: KARMA portal admin panel
Zaphod server reboot.
Phpbb2: Speed up for busy forums
phpbb2: "Offsite" templates live on the Zaphod ser
Phpbb2: Gallery avatars served from a different server
phpbb2: avatar gallery fix
phpbb2: ranks being served from a seperate server
phpbb2: Smilies being served from seperate server
Phpbb2: Option to delete users posts as well as user.
phpBB3: Search portal
Phpbb2: Catalog portal
Server change
Small update to lost password routine in the control panel.
Fridays issues
New forum features coming soon.
Small change userinfo/adverts
Network outage
New backup system
Country flags fixed
phpBB3: New userinfo/welcome portal
PhpBB3: anti spam portal
Will you be getting a warning email?
Zaphod just rebooted
phpbb3.05 Released
New management system installed
Ford Server: Performance test
phpbb2: IMPORTANT spambot issue and resolutions
4th Anniversary message
Does anyone fnacy designing some icons?
spambot attack
General overhaul of the backup system.
Speed improvements on Ford server
Advertising change
phpbb3 actions bug fix
Question for forum admins
Recipe portal?
phpbb3: COMMENT portal added
Phpbb3: Vast numbers of smilies in categories added
phpbb3: switch_forum_view switch implemented
phpbb2/phpbb3 account removal option.
PhpBB2/phpbb3 DATE added to quiz portal score table.
PhpBB3: New video bbcode
PhpBb2: forums subscriptions fix
Phpbb3: spam problems
phpbb3 review
PhpBB2:PhpBB3 shop portal checkout note
Appeal portal instructions
phpbb2: Add an automatic flag in topics/profiles
phpbb3: EMAILER portal now working
Phpbb2: fix to QUIZ portal administration
Phpbb2: New RAWEMAIL macro in viewtopic_body.tpl
phpbb2: USERINFO portal extension
phpbb2: view profile bug fix
Missing forums
Zaphod server outage.
Graphics for t-shirts
Portals rewrite
phpbb2: Allow use of plain text editor for web pages
Donation portal
phpbb2: sub forum latest post link on index page fix.
Major DNS changes
PhpBb2: xtransfer portal extended
Network outage
Advertising/Donation options
Phpbb2: New MYFF.USERINFO portal
phpbb2/phpbb3: title fix on shop portal template
Does it work and who wants a myff portal for it?
Country based advertising
Don't help spammers!
30 million posts
phpbb2: New RANKS portal
Server Reboot -
phpbb2: email change
Told you so....
PhpBB2: New top posts portal options.
PhpBB2: New support tool
Another warning against phpbb3 upgrades
phpbb3.04 released
Computer misuse act updated.
phpbb3.03 released
PhpBB2: Block user from recieving PMs setting.
PhpBb3: language pack management in admin/system menu
phpbb2: Fix for file attach in Safari
PhpBB2: Subscriptions portal
PhpBB2: template editing improvements bug fix.
phpbb2: small search engine optimisation
phpbb3: templating just got more complicated!
Improved "code" cosmetics on this forum.
phpbb2: template editing improvements
phpbb2: Moderator bbcode added
25 million posts
Phpbb2: New posting template macro available
Phpbb3: Updated template list
Support forum being trimmed
phpbb2: Better search behaviour
Phpbb2: Add search subject only option
Possible search changes
Zaphod server optimization
New firewall software now live
Phpbb 3.02 released
phpbb3: fix to editing template images that use the css file
Load balancing
phpbb2: email change
Zaphod server outage.
PhpBB2: TRIGGER macros now available to MODACTIONs template
Downtime on ford just now.
Ford server issues this Saturday
Fix on phpbb3 search portal
Fix on phpbb3 www addresses and own domains
Nameserver changes Saturday
MyFreeforum is three years old
Namerserver services
Buy your own domain
phpbb2: multiple choice polling
PhpBB2: Post a portal BBCODE
Phpbb3: fix to copying style to user slots
Office power outage
Some recent forums may need restoring
PhpBB3: control panel clear cache option added.
Some speed ups of gallery/web functions planned.
Phpbb3: 3.01 install planned for Saturday
PhpBB3: Smilies regrsssion fix + general thoughts!
Phpbb3: Styles delete fix
Server Slarti rebooted
phpbb2: Fix to Set Inactive in MODACTIONS portal
Issues effecting myfastforum/myfanforum/myfunforum
phpbb2: Cookie change
phpbb2: POPULAR portal enhanced
Phpbb2: ONLINELIST portal
PhpBB3: webpage/portal fixes/enhancements
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